Stop Motion!

Today we have been exploring the stop motion app. We had to take lots of photos and move the models a little bit at a time. We then pressed play to see our models move which was very exciting. We all had fun doing this. We cant wait to record our movie next week.

A lot of the children asked if they could do this at home. The app is called stop motion (it is free) and can be used on a phone or tablet. It works really well with lego.

Anti-Bullying Week

This week is anti-bullying week. We looked at the anti-bullying policy which has been written by the children. We then looked at sayings we could promote and place on our kites. We came up with the following:

  1. Be kind, words don’t rewind
  2. Together we can
  3. Smile together
  4. Be a buddy
  5. No bully zone

We then wrote the saying on a kite and decorated. We did this during mindfulness. We thought about what bullying really meant and what we can do about it together.

Making a Rock Band

What is coding?

‘Giving and listening to instructions.’ Ethan

We have been learning about coding. First we took part in unplugged coding, which does not involve technology. We blindfolded a member of the class and directed him from the front of the class to the door. This was fun and we saw what happened if our instructions were not detailed enough.

Next we went into Scratch to create our own Rock Band. We had to:

  1. Choose a Sprite (drum)
  2. Code the Sprite (drum to make a sound)
  3. Choose a background
  4. Add a voice (singer)
  5. Change the costume slightly (make the singer look like she is singing)
  6. Saved the project into our Hwb accounts.

Paparazzi Collages

We looked at different celebrities to do with film. We researched Steven Spielberg,  Emma Watson, Tom Hanks and Stan Winston. In golden time we dressed up and took silly pictures. We then used different materials and skills to create our very own paparazzi collage. We all had laughed and had fun as a whole class.

Lights, Camera, Action!

We have been learning about the different roles and jobs needed to create a film. We decided to make our own stop animation films on Christmas. So far we have been the producer and director where we discussed what kind of film we would like to make. Next we took the role of screenwriter by creating our own storyboards and scripts. This week we have taken the role of art director and costume designer. We created our own backgrounds, props and characters, using different materials. We are very excited to start filming next week!

Outdoor Learning!

We enjoyed finding natural materials on the field that we could use to make self-portraits. You can see them up in our corridor!