Timetable w/c 1st June

Morning all, I hope you had a relaxing half term break.  The timetable below is for w/c 1st June.


timetable week 6


Monday Maths Reception

Monday Maths Year 1

Monday Maths Year 2

Monday Maths Year 3

Tuesday Maths Reception

Tuesday Maths Year 1

Tuesday Maths Year 2

Tuesday Maths Year 3

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Monday KUW Torah Instructions

Creative Development

Friday Creative Development PowerPoint Shabbat

Friday Creative Development Bread Recipe

Have a fabulous weekend and stay safe.

Week 5 Summer Term

Please find the relevant work for week 5 below;


Foundation Phase_Summer Term_Week5

Knowledge and Understanding Activities;

Monday KUW PowerPoint

Welsh Activities;



Reception Maths;

Reception Maths Monday(1)

Reception Maths Wednesday(1)

Reception Maths Thursday(1)

Year 1 Maths;

Year 1 Maths Monday

Year 1 Maths Tuesday(1)

Year 1 Maths Wednesday(1) 

Year 1 Maths Thursday(1)

Year 1 Maths Friday(1)

Year 2 Maths;

Year 2 Maths Monday(1)

Year 2 Maths Tuesday(1)

Year 2 Maths Wednesday(1)

Year 2 Maths Thursday(1)

Year 2 Maths Friday

Year 3 Maths;

Year 3 Maths Monday(1)

Year 3 Maths Tuesday(1)

Year 3 Maths Wednesday(1)

Year 3 Maths Thursday(1)

Year 3 Maths Friday(1)


Diolch, thank you.




Week 4 Summer Term

Please find the relevant work for week 4 below;


Foundation Phase_Summer Term_Week4

Knowledge and Understanding Activities;

Knowledge & Understanding Monday

Knowledge and Understanding Powerpoint

Welsh Activities;



Reception Maths;

Reception Maths Monday

Reception Maths Tuesday

Reception Maths Wednesday

Reception Maths Thursday

Reception Maths Friday

Year 1 Maths;

Year 1 Maths Monday

Year 1 Maths Tuesday

Year 1 Maths Wednesday

Year 1 Maths Thursday

Year 1 Maths Friday

Year 2 Maths;

Year 2 Maths Monday

Year 2 Maths Tuesday

Year 2 Maths Wednesday

Year 2 Maths Thursday

Year 2 Maths Friday

Year 3 Maths;

Year 3 Maths Monday

Year 3 Maths Tuesday

Year 3 Maths Wednesday

Year 3 Maths Thursday

Year 3 Maths Friday

Diolch, Thank you
















Week 3 Timetable

Please find attached links for the time table for week 3.  


The links for the Welsh activity are listed below.



The hyperlinks below are for each of the Maths worksheets for this week.

Reception Maths

Week 3 Reception Monday Maths

Week 3 Reception Tuesday Maths – Shape Snap

Week 3 Reception Thursday Maths

Year 1 Maths

Week 3 Year 1 Monday Maths

Week 3 Year 1 Tuesday Maths

Week 3 Year 1 Thursday Maths

Week 3 Year 1 Friday Maths

Year 2 Maths

Week 3 Year 2 Monday Maths

Week 3 Year 2 Tuesday Maths

Week 3 Year 2 Thursday Maths

Week 3 Year 2 Friday Maths

Year 3 Maths

Week 3 Year 3 Monday Maths

Week 3 Year 3 Tuesday Maths

Week 3 Year 3 Thursday Maths

Week 3 Year 3 Friday Maths

Many thanks



I am aware that some of you are struggling to register for resources on Twinkl without being charged.  To obtain ‘free’ resources, please visit www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and login using your email address and password.  You create a new account and enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS.

I hope this helps.


Reading books

I have had a lovely morning contacting parents.  Great feedback once again regarding the work and the activities set.

However, I’m aware some parents are running low on reading books and were wanting to purchase some.  Of course parents are free to do so if the choose.  However, we have a supply of books in school and we would like you to avoid spending money unnecessarily.  Therefore, if you require reading books for your child, Sarah has very kindly offered to go into school and get them for you.

Sarah will need to know who will require books by 5pm each Friday in order to get them ready for collection by Monday morning.  You will need to let Sarah know the reading stage that your child is on (this can be found on the back of your child’s reading book)  She will give you a couple of books from that stage and a couple of books from the stage above.  It is important to note that if your child has already read a book that is distributed twice just focus on the other books given or re-read, as we are relying on Sarah’s good will for this to be possible.  Sarah’s email address is office@knighton.powys.sch.uk

Thanks again

Hard copies of the weekly timetable

Morning all! Just a quick reminder that next week’s time table will be uploaded to the school website today at 4pm on your child’s class page.
If you do not have a printer and you would like a hard copy of the timetable and resources, Sarah has very kindly offered to print them out and they will be available for collection on Monday. You will need to contact Sarah to arrange this on office@knighton.powys.sch.uk
You will also need to let Sarah know the year group’s work that your child works on so that the appropriate worksheets are given. If you are unsure of this please contact your class teacher by email and they can advise.
Many thanks again for all your support, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend 

Summer Term Week 1

Good morning everyone,

This Summer Term our topic book is; ‘We’re Roaming in the Rainforest’ by Laurie Krebs and Anne Wilson. With this topic in mind, we have compiled a timetable of activities for you all to complete over the course of this coming week.

Please ensure to save your work on Hwb, email your work to us, and, or take a picture of it and upload it to our facebook page for us all to see and enjoy.

If you have any questions or problems please get in touch with anyone of us to assist.

To access the timetable follow the hyperlink attached; ‘Foundation Phase Week 1.’ You can click on the hyperlinks within the document too and they will take you to the available activity.

Foundation Phase Week 1

Have fun and enjoy!

Miss Davies, Mrs Blower and Mrs Fielding